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QUENTN: Your Reliable Email Marketing Software

What is QUENTN?

QUENTN is a young, innovative software company based in Potsdam. It’s a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with a focus on email marketing automation and data-driven marketing. The goal of QUENTN is to make marketing automation as intuitive as possible, giving even small businesses without their own IT department the ability to create and manage complex internet marketing processes.

QUENTN is not just an email newsletter software with marketing automation: it’s much more. It’s the first marketing operating system, a portal as a basis for complete customer communication – far beyond email. However, the email marketing tool is the heart of QUENTN.

Why Choose QUENTN?

QUENTN is a reliable and fantastic email marketing software with easy-to-use drag and drop editors for campaigns, emails, and landing pages. It’s a tag-based email marketing tool that allows you to automate processes like collecting emails in compliance with GDPR, managing contacts, sending newsletters, and follow-up emails.

QUENTN is also equipped with a high-end technology that ensures the highest email delivery rates. It operates its email servers in a highly secured data center in Frankfurt, paying meticulous attention to data protection.

Key Features of QUENTN

Marketing Automation for Beginners and Professionals

QUENTN is a tag-based email marketing tool that allows you to automate the entire process of collecting emails, managing contacts, sending newsletters, campaigns, and follow-up emails. Automation is one of the essential advantages of online marketing because it saves time, hassle, nerves, and ultimately money.

Simple and Clear

QUENTN is simple and intuitive to use. The dashboard is clear and provides direct important information. It gives you an overview of the success of your email marketing by directly showing various metrics related to your emails and campaigns.

Drag and Drop Editor for Campaigns and Emails

QUENTN offers a drag and drop editor for campaigns and emails. You can create unique emails quickly and easily. You can start your design process with a blank template or use one of the pre-made email templates. QUENTN provides you with 50 free email templates that you can edit according to your wishes.

Numerous Integrations

QUENTN can be integrated with over 2,000 apps through its advanced API interface and its connections to Zapier and Integromat. This includes payment providers, social networks, shop systems, and many more.

High Email Delivery Rates

QUENTN ensures top delivery rates that are sometimes better than the competition. It maintains direct contact with the postmasters of email services, such as Telekom, and ensures the highest deliverability of your newsletters by adhering to standards when sending and being a member of the CSA, an association for senders.


QUENTN, in addition to classic email marketing, also offers a tool for sales management through its integrated CRM. This helps companies keep customer contact data up-to-date, record all customer interactions, and manage customer accounts.

QUENTN WordPress Plugin

QUENTN offers a free WordPress plugin that allows users to generate leads and deepen their customer loyalty – far beyond email marketing.

GDPR Compliant

Since QUENTN is made in Germany, it places great importance on data protection. You will receive your AV contract directly at the start.

Who is QUENTN Suitable For?

QUENTN is suitable for anyone who wants to automate their email marketing processes. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, QUENTN’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it easy to create and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Buy QUENTN: Affordable Pricing

QUENTN offers affordable monthly prices. The smallest QUENTN package starts at €69 per month, which includes up to 10,000 contacts and unlimited emails. If you need more, you can upgrade to a larger package. The largest package costs €499 per month and includes up to 100,000 contacts and unlimited emails.

Test QUENTN: Free Trial

Before you buy, you can test QUENTN for free for 14 days. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the software and its features. You can test all functions extensively and decide whether QUENTN is the right software for you.

QUENTN Experiences: Customer Testimonials

Customers who have used QUENTN are very satisfied with the software. They praise the intuitive operation, the many features, and the excellent customer service. Many customers also appreciate the high delivery rates of the emails and the GDPR compliance.


QUENTN is a reliable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive email marketing software. It offers a wide range of features that make it easy to automate your email marketing processes. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, QUENTN is a great choice for your email marketing needs.

Experience QUENTN for yourself. Start your free trial today and see how QUENTN can help you automate your email marketing and grow your business.

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